GlobeMC 2.0 - New Horizons Update
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21 Aug 2020
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28 Aug 2020

GlobeMC 2.0 - New Horizons Update ⛅

Hello everyone! We're here to announce the long-awaited update to GlobeMC. The 2.0 Update, otherwise named The New Horizons Update. 


Fresh Start 💿

With the new update, the server will be getting a new start. This includes all worlds. No aspects of GlobeMC 1.0 will not be carried over to The New Horizons Update. As a side note to those with Premium rank, you will be given Explorer rank for free!


Staff Applications 📜

As some of you may know already, we've opened Staff Applications in hope of expanding our backend team. These applications will be remaining open, so feel free to apply!



New Features 🥂

We're happy to announce a plethora of new features that will enhance the experience for players. A partial list of these new features can be found below:

» Towny Wars - Towns & Nations Go To War!

» Vehicles - Tanks, Planes, Cars, Etc...

» Weapons - AK-47, Flashbangs, Grenades, & More!

» Space-Travel - Craft A Rocket & Go To The Moon!

» Custom Moon - Custom Moon Map In Addition To Earth

» New Economy - New Plug-In & Player-Based. Note: Mining diamonds, voting, and other aspects will bring new money into the economy.

Please note, the new economy makes trading much more important! This is another way to earn money.

» Refreshed Chat Formatting - Fresh, Uncluttered Chat!

» Custom Crafting Recipes - Use /recipes to see them all!

» New Movement - Explore New Movement As Shown in The Tutorial!

» And More!


Forums / Store Update 💲

Our forums and store have been majorly revamped! Our forums will be undergoing maintenance to apply a theme in a few days, but our store is completely done! In this revamp, we've changed the theme and added several new ranks, packages, and more! Check it out with the link below!




Closing Remarks 🌌

As a personal message from both Hitt and I, we want to thank you all for your patience during this time. The community has been an amazingly inspiring aspect of GlobeMC, even through all the hardship that the server has cost. Myself and Hitt have both been blown away by everyone's commitment to the server, and I want to thank you all. We hope that you enjoy the server and find it a great place to not only play, but to integrate yourselves into our evergrowing community.

Thank You!

- Extensy & HittmanA

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